A SHORT TOUR ALONG THE TEL-AVIV PROMENADE• Starting at the Hilton Hotel. Excavations have discovered an archeological site from the time of King Alexander Yanai (the Hashmonite Dynasty), around 1st century B. C.

• Nearby, an ancient Muslim cemetery from the Mamluk period, 12th-13th centuries, was in use till the beginning of the 20th century.

• From the Hilton hill, a beautiful view of the whole Tel Aviv beach and promenade, as well as old city of Jaffa.

• "Atarim" square shopping center, with exit towards Ben Gurion Blvd., not far away from Ben Gurion’s house (Establisher of the state of Israel and its 1st Prime Minister). The house serves nowadays as an open museum on Ben Gurion.
• Going southwards, places and houses telling of important events prior to Israel’s statehood.

• Walking nearby houses of famous Israeli lady poets, such as Rachel.

• On Ha’Yarkon Street, the Russian Embassy, and almost across of it the American Embassy, and others.

• Along the coast line, points where illegal immigrants arrived to the shores of Tel Aviv during the time of the British Mandate.

• All along the tour we will see buildings of various architectural styles such as the Bauhaus, Oriental Style and others.

• Usishkyn’s House – one of the most beautiful buildings in Tel Aviv.

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